Sunday, March 23, 2008


I took a nice Easter drive out to Anza-Borrego today to do some wildflower viewing. Also did some off-paved-roading in my 2-wheel-drive low-clearance car and almost got stuck in some sand. Saw a Mustang that did get stuck in some sand. Despite the fact there were several vehicles that stopped to help, one of which had towing ropes... the ladies who were driving the Mustang refused help of any sort and insisted on waiting for a tow truck to come from an hour away to help them.

Update 24-Apr-2008: Pictures are online! Click on the pic below for the link to the gallery.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Small Victories

Time Warner updated the operating software on all of their cable boxes in my area this week. It happened to the standard-def box I have in my bedroom first, and I was quite annoyed when it happened because it managed to delete (seemingly randomly) about 2/3 of the scheduled series recordings I had set up.

This morning, I noticed my HD box in the living room had been updated. Same annoying problem. But, a new behavior out of the cable box: on non-HD channels, instead of putting up stupid, ugly gray vertical bars on either side of the 4:3 picture to make it fit in the 16:9 window, it now outputs solid black bars. I might actually be able to watch non-HD programming on that expensive TV without wanting to throw things at it. Like I said, it's the small victories...