Thursday, August 30, 2007

And, I'm off... begin my vacation. As soon as I finish packing the car and take a little nap, I'm headed north. Woohoo!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Vacation Forthcoming

I'm going on vacation again! I've finally nailed down most of the details. The schedule looks something like this:

Friday, 8/31: Drive to Orangevale. Unload massive amounts of stuff I don't want in San Diego anymore from my car, and find an unused corner to clutter up in my parents' house.

Saturday, 9/1: Going to Shannon's wedding.

Sunday, 9/2: Flying to Portland. Renting SUV. Going on road trip.

Monday-Tuesday, 9/3-9/4: Camping at Crater Lake :-D

Wednesday, 9/5: Caves and Lava Tubes near Bend, OR and staying the night at hotel in Frenchglen, OR

Thursday, 9/6: Exploring Steens Mountains and surrounding area.

Friday-Saturday, 9/7-9/8: Staying in hotel in Enterprise, OR and visiting Hell's Canyon.

Sunday, 9/9: Driving back to Portland.

Monday, 9/10: Flying back to Sacramento

Monday, 9/10 through Sunday, 9/16: Doing various things in Northern California. Probably visiting the Bay Area at some point. Driving back to San Diego some time around the 16th. If you're going to be in the area, let me know.

Yeah, I make my vacations overly packed and eventful. They're fun that way. :-)


On August 21, I bowled a 150 in the second game with my new bowling shoes. I don't know that the shoes are making a difference, per se... but I'm definitely seeing an improvement in my average scores. I still have a tendency to knock down 8 or 9 pins on that first ball, which kills me. Hopefully, more strikes are forthcoming. If you see any good designs on bowling balls you think I might like, send them my way so I can start thinking about getting a newer, better ball.

Miramar Lake

On Sunday, August 12, I decided to get in my car and drive aimlessly around San Diego, looking for a good place to take some random pictures -- and to just kinda explore a new area. I stumbled upon some signs for Lake Miramar and decided that it was worth checking out. Upon arriving, I realized that it was a bit more suited for a good walk or bike ride around the perimeter than for taking pictures... but I had my camera with me, and had neither my bicycle nor a pair of shoes. I ended up driving around the lake and taking pictures where I could... and plan on going back for a good walk or bike ride at some point. EDIT: Pictures have been posted, click below for more.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Bowling Shoes Update

So, it looks like the bowling shoes I sent back finally made it to their destination late last week. The exchange was processed, and the new, larger shoes have been shipped back out to me. Here's hoping that they fit!

They should arrive on Friday the 10th. Anyone up for bowling on Tuesday the 14th?

UPDATE 8/9/07: They arrived a day early, and they actually fit me this time. I'm excited.