Saturday, July 28, 2007

New Camera Lens

My new camera lens came yesterday. Here's what it looks like:

The idea here is that this lens (17-85mm) should replace the kit lens (18-55mm) that came with my camera. The new lens adds Image Stabilization and a faster, quieter focusing motor. It's also built a little bit better -- the cheap kit lens is made completely of plastic, and looks like a little toy. I bought this one used, and the seller threw in the lens hood -- so I've got one of those, too. The Circular polarizer and the UV filter should come within the next week.

As of today, my lenses consist of:

10-22mm EF-S USM
18-55mm EF-S
17-85mm EF-S IS USM
28-135mm EF IS USM

As you can see, the 18-55 has been made completely redundant, as has a large portion of the range of the 28-135. I'm thinking about trading out those two lenses for a 70-300 IS and a 50mm prime lens for night photography. I spend too much money on this stuff.

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