Monday, August 27, 2007

Vacation Forthcoming

I'm going on vacation again! I've finally nailed down most of the details. The schedule looks something like this:

Friday, 8/31: Drive to Orangevale. Unload massive amounts of stuff I don't want in San Diego anymore from my car, and find an unused corner to clutter up in my parents' house.

Saturday, 9/1: Going to Shannon's wedding.

Sunday, 9/2: Flying to Portland. Renting SUV. Going on road trip.

Monday-Tuesday, 9/3-9/4: Camping at Crater Lake :-D

Wednesday, 9/5: Caves and Lava Tubes near Bend, OR and staying the night at hotel in Frenchglen, OR

Thursday, 9/6: Exploring Steens Mountains and surrounding area.

Friday-Saturday, 9/7-9/8: Staying in hotel in Enterprise, OR and visiting Hell's Canyon.

Sunday, 9/9: Driving back to Portland.

Monday, 9/10: Flying back to Sacramento

Monday, 9/10 through Sunday, 9/16: Doing various things in Northern California. Probably visiting the Bay Area at some point. Driving back to San Diego some time around the 16th. If you're going to be in the area, let me know.

Yeah, I make my vacations overly packed and eventful. They're fun that way. :-)

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