Saturday, July 12, 2008

Summer 2008 Road Trip

Today, Darrick and I finally were both home at the same time long enough to discuss our anticipated September road trip and actually commit to an itinerary. Here is the map.

The itinerary, as it now stands:

Day 0: Saturday, September 20
1:20 PM: Darrick's flight arrives in San Diego from Portland.
2:00 PM: Pick up rental car.
6:00 PM: Sushi
10:00 PM: Depart San Diego, CA headed toward Racetrack Playa, Death Valley, CA.

Day 1: Sunday, September 21
5:00 AM: Estimated arrival at Racetrack Playa.
6:01 AM: Dawn photography at Racetrack Playa.
6:40 AM: Sunrise photography at Racetrack Playa.
7:30 AM: Depart for Las Vegas, NV.
1:30 PM: Anticipated arrival in Las Vegas, NV. Nap time.
Evening: Las Vegas, NV.
Hotel: Imperial Palace Hotel and Casino; Las Vegas, NV.

Day 2: Monday, September 22
Morning: Hoover Dam
Afternoon: Drive to Zion National Park.

Day 3: Tuesday, September 23
Day: Zion National Park. (Tentative plan: hike the Zion Narrows.)
Hotel: Terrace Brook Lodge at Zion National Park; Springdale, UT.

Day 4: Wednesday, September 24
Morning: Zion National Park
Afternoon: Drive to Grand Canyon, AZ.
Hotel: Grand Canyon Red Feather Lodge, Grand Canyon, AZ.

Day 5: Thursday, September 25
Hotel: Grand Canyon Red Feather Lodge, Grand Canyon, AZ.

Day 6: Friday, September 26
Morning: Grand Canyon National Park
Afternoon: Drive to Phoenix, AZ.
Hotel: (not yet booked)

Day 7: Saturday, September 27
11:00 AM: Depart for Julian, CA.
4:00 PM: Arrive in Julian, CA. Purchase pies.
6:00 PM: Depart for San Diego, CA.
Night: My Apartment.

Day 8: Sunday, September 28
1:00 PM: Return rental car.


Karen said...

hey J. Having a great time w/ your mom in NC. Your trip sounds great! have a great time

JuLo said...

Oh, sounds like fun! Ew, don't stay on the less popular side of the grand canyon (the south side I think?). There was spiders as big as my face crawling all over me. Uck!

Mmmm...sushi and pie...I'm jealous!