Thursday, October 2, 2008

Opinion Poll

I'm getting ready to get a new pair of glasses, and I'm trying to decide what to get. Here are two options that I have come across so far:
Option 1: Full Frame

Option 2: Rimless

Please tell me which of the two styles you like better. The Rimless style is shown in black -- I would probably get a different color, similar to the color of the full frame glasses in the first picture. Black frames do not match my skin or hair colors well, and I'm not a particular fan of pink or gold, either.


Unknown said...

i vote for the rimless

Unknown said...

on second thought...i have a pair like that and i don't wear them because the bar across the nose is uncomfortable and drives me crazy. ...and i can see the bar when i am wearing the glasses. distracting and annoying

JuLo said...

I heard you on the black not matching. You could get purple frames like me! ;p

I'm having a hard time picturing you in rimless glasses. I think I'm going to have to vote for the rims because I just can't picture the rimless. I'm sure they'll both look good though. :)

Man, I need to get my butt to the optometrist. I pay for vision insurance and then never use it.

Rebecca said...


Rebecca said...

contacts?? I love mine