Friday, February 1, 2008

Hoover Dam

On my last day in Vegas, I decided it would be a better use of my time to head out to Hoover Dam and take a tour, as opposed to spending another crowded, sweaty day insaide the show halls at CES. Plus, it would be very un-like me to rent a car and put less than 50 miles on it... I average a lot closer to 2,000 miles per rental, after all.

The drive is about 20-30 minutes or so, even when going the speed limit in my bright Orange cop-magnet of a rental car. I managed to walk right up to the Visitor's Center at 10:50 on a Wednesday morning, and immediately get onto the 11:00 Dam Tour. Normally, people have to wait all day to get one one of those things. Ah, the advantages of traveling alone...

The gallery contains about 100 pictures from inside and outside of the Dam. Enjoy!

Nevada Generation Room

1930's-style waterproof light switch

The Hoover Dam Complex.

My Cop-Magnet rental car

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