Friday, February 1, 2008

I'm Moving!

On April 7, I get the keys to my new apartment. This is important for several reasons. In no particular order:

- I will be freed from the mold-ridden, flood-prone craphole that is my current apartment.
- I will no longer be living on the first floor, and hence less prone to water issues.
- I will be moving into a 1-bedroom apartment, and therefore once again living alone.
- The new apartment is in a brand new building. I will be the first person to ever live in my unit.
- The new apartment is big at 862 square feet, and cheap for comparable units in the area.
- I will still be close to work. Only about 2.5 miles each way.

Here's an official floor plan, borrowed directly from their website:

Official Floor Plan

Get a good look at that? Good, because that's not at all what my unit will look like. I'm going to have a mirror-image flipped version of what you see above. I took the liberty of flipping the image horizontally so you can see what my unit will really look like. Note that the text in the image isn't so kind as to magically stay put.

My Floor Plan

Now that this is settled, I can start furniture shopping. I've only been putting that off for, oh... 3 years. Should be painful and expensive.

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