Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Canada Trip = Large Phone Bill

From AT&T's website:

International data roaming can get expensive quickly. For example, opening an email with a 5 megapixel picture in it, or downloading a 3-minute video on YouTube, each takes about 2 MB of data. The cost would be almost $40, based on pay-per-use international data rates of $0.0195/KB.

$24.99 per month - 20 MB Data Global Plan (Overage is $0.005/KB)

Translation: Good thing I checked this before leaving. Options: Turn off data entirely while out of the country, or pay at least $25 to check email in the mornings and hope I don't need Google Maps.

Sending Text Messages When Outside the U.S.: $0.50 per message sent. Home package rates apply to all text messages received when roaming internationally.

Translation: You can send, but I may not respond. This seems somewhat lenient for AT&T.

Calling and Traveling to Canada: AT&T Canada ($4.99 per month; $0.59 per minute while roaming in Canada.)

Translation: I can pay $4.99 for the right to only pay 59 cents per minute to use my phone in Canada. Without this plan, it costs 79 cents per minute. The break-even point on this is 25 minutes. Will I use my phone for more than 25 minutes the whole time I'm in Canada? Hmm...


Unknown said...

Read about an iTune app called Truphone that turns your phone into an internet phone..You buy minutes and connect to wifi to make calls. ends up costing a few cents a minute. that is assuming you get free wifi or take your international card ....or even want to make a call...but knowing you, you have probably already checked it out.

Jason said...

I don't have an international card to take... and if I have access to WiFi, all my problems go away because I have internet and email access. The problem is that in order to have WiFi, I have to be in a hotel, basically.

Jason said...

Also, why pay for IP calls when I could just use Skype?