Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Vancouver Itinerary Materializing

Darrick and I took some time this evening to sit down and hash out the details of our Vancouver road trip next month. We need to start booking hotels, and before we can do that it helps to know which cities correspond with which nights.

Here is a road map of the proposed trip. The tentative schedule is as follows:

Saturday 8/22: Travel to Seattle. Rent Car. Dinner in Bellingham. Hotel in Vancouver.
Sunday 8/23: Vancouver. Hotel in Vancouver.
Monday 8/24: Vancouver. Hotel in Vancouver.

Tuesday 8/25: Drive to Whistler Early AM. Do touristy things. Hotel in Whistler.

Wednesday 8/26: Spend morning in Whistler, afternoon drive/ferry to Victoria. Hotel in Victoria.

Thursday 8/27: Victoria. Hotel in Victoria.

Friday 8/28: Drive/ferry to Seattle Early AM. Do touristy things. Hotel in Seattle.

Saturday 8/29: Spend the morning in Seattle, return rental Automobile, and travel home via Planes and Trains.

If we keep to this schedule, we'll be out of the country for about 5.5 days. If we can't find at least one hotel in Canada with free WiFi, we may both go through some pretty serious Internet detox withdrawls.


JuLo said...

I did almost that same trip with my parents about 12 years ago, except we did Victoria before Vancouver. Victoria is beautiful! Oh, and I remember my sister got mono and we spent the night in an emergency room in Seattle. They were very good. If you get sick, make sure it's while you're in Seattle. ;)

Have fun!

Jason said...

Thanks! I don't plan on getting sick, though. Unless I contract Swine Flu on the airplane.