Monday, September 3, 2007

Crater Lake, Part 1: Rim Loop

After waking up and cooking a standard-fare camping type breakfast we headed over to the registration booth to check in. As alluded to earlier, check-in was a complete disaster. There were two other couples ahead of me in line when I arrived. About 45 minutes later, I made it to the front of the line. (Darrick went and filled the car with gas and did some shopping in the general store while I waited.) It turns out that their registration and check-in system was some proprietary Windows app, and the man attempting to use it appeared to be about 60 and had probably never used a computer in his life. The lady in the booth with him wasn't much help, either. Plus, their printer was "broken" so they couldn't print receipts for anyone and had to hand-write them. To further complicate matters, it turns out their system is incapable of back billing... so their solution for charging us for the first night we stayed was to tell their computer system we stayed in the campsite for a night longer than we really did. Never mind that doing so made the site unavailable in the reservation system for the night after we left. A full 20 or so minutes later, and we were finally good to go.

We then set out in a clockwise pattern around Crater Lake, headed toward the boat ramp. While standing in line for the aforementioned campsite check-in, I had ample time to read about boat tours of Wizard Island, and we decided it would be worthwhile. Upon getting to the boat ramp, we discovered that all tours for the day were sold out and continued around the lake loop to take pictures.

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