Sunday, September 9, 2007

Returning to Portland

On September 9, we finally said farewell to Eastern Oregon and headed back to Portland. This gallery consists mostly of pictures from the car window on our drive back to Portland from Enterprise.

Sign in Enterprise

Our drive back started on OR-82 towards I-84. When we met I-84, we took this west toward Portland. On the way back, we took a slight detour onto Interstate 82 into Washington, just so Darrick could say he's driven on every single bridge over the Columbia River that joins Oregon and Washington. This was the last one he hadn't been on. (Note: Oregon is weird. OR-82 and I-82 are NOT the same road. They're about an hour apart from each other, and both intersect I-84. Can you say confusing?

Frivolous trip into Washington.

We stopped at the Cascade Locks Dam on our way, and spent some time watching the fish try to climb up the fish ladder to complete their spawning trek on up the river. Some of these fish would end their journey at the hatchery here, but most would continue upstream through several more dams to spawn at other fish hatcheries along the river. They had this neat viewing room that allows you to look into the sides of the locks through a glass wall and see the massive salmon swimming through. We were both tired of taking pictures, so we left the cameras in the car for this stop.

Shortly thereafter, we completed the last bit of the drive and ended up back at Darrick's house in Portland.

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