Friday, September 7, 2007

Enterprise, OR and Night Photos

For a change, Darrick drove the next day from Hines/Burns to Enterprise. We started off on US-395 North and stopped in Old Chinatown in the town of John Day, where we went on a private guided tour of the Kam Wah Chung Co., a partnership between two men -- a traditional Chinese doctor and a man who ran a general store. From there, we took US-26 to OR-7, where we met up with I-84 in Baker City. From Baker City, we travel West on I-84 toward OR-82, which goes toward Enterprise.

View from our Hotel in Enterprise, OR

Dinner was at Ming Li, a Chinese restaurant on the outskirts of town. Turns out, the place was actually authentic and had pretty decent food. One weird quirk about the place: we had to specifically request chopsticks. The waiter didn't think much of this when Darrick asked, but when I asked, the look on his face betrayed his thoughts, which went something like this: "I've never had a white person ask me for chopsticks before."

After dark, we drove out to some dirt roads around the town of Joseph that turned out to be smack in the middle of some farmers' fields. The goal: take lots of pictures in the dark of the sky with Darrick's new lens, but this time in a better location and with more preparation after looking at the less-than-favorable results from the first time around. Shortly after getting out of the car, our surroundings became obvious: "Moo. moo." We were in the middle of cow pastures. Though separated from the cows by a barbed wire fence, it still freaked me out. Plus, it was cold and we only had one good night lens, so I let Darrick take most of the pictures. They came out decent enough after lots of post-processing.

Long exposures in near-pitch dark.

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