Thursday, September 6, 2007

Steens Mountain Summit

The parking lot at the Steens Summit isn't actually at the summit of the mountain, but is instead at 9,600 feet. Another 1/2 mile of trail and 133 feet of elevation gain gets us to the actual summit. We of course made the trek up the last half mile to the mountain summit, against the objections of my wimpy sea-level lungs.

Along the path to the top, we were afforded a great view of Wildhorse Lake, situated about 1000' below the parking lot.

Wildhorse Lake Valley

Once we got to the top, we of course started snapping tons and tons of pictures. Not only of the view, but also of the Cell and Radio towers situated at the top of the mountain -- what self-respecting mountain doesn't have these at its summit these days?

Panorama from Steens Summit

At Steens Mountain Summit

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