Thursday, September 10, 2009

Seattle 2009

On the final morning of our trip, we had some time to explore downtown Seattle. We were fortunate enough to secure a late checkout (1pm) from our hotel, which enabled us to spend the morning at Pike Place Market while leaving our bags in the hotel room and our car in the valet.

After spending a couple hours checking out the market, we checked out of the hotel and I drove Darrick to the Tukwila Amtrak "station" which, as it turns out, is nothing more than a temporary wooden platform. It almost looks like one of those stations where you'd expect a train to just kind of slow down and make passengers jump instead of actually stopping to let them on/off. It is, however, the closest train station to SeaTac airport, which is why we chose it. We arrived early and used that time to watch some more TV on my laptop. When it was time for Darrick to head up to the platform to ensure the train actually stopped as it was passing through, I drove to the airport, returned the car, and started waiting for my flight to San Diego. And thus the trip concluded.

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