Monday, September 7, 2009

Vancouver 2009: Sooke, BC

After departing the Butchart Gardens, we attempted to take a drive out to the South/West Coast of Vancouver Island. The goal was to get off the peninsula and try to see out toward Olympic National Park in Washington. We were successful in getting to Sooke, which is a town that roughly fits that description. The road we were following was more or less right on the water's edge, but after traveling for several miles without being able to find much of a break in the trees, we finally opted to turn off into a bed and breakfast which was conveniently perched atop a hill tall enough to see out over the trees and toward the water. Darrick hopped out and took a few pictures here, and then we decided to turn around and head back. It was at about this time that my phone started making all sorts of weird noises -- text messages, voicemails, etc... so we stopped at the one good turnout just down the road where we could actually see the water. Here, we found blackberries and rose hips growing in abundance along the roadside as well as a nice view toward Washington.

As I was investigating why my iPhone was making so many strange noises, I noticed that our coastal location with line of sight to the US tricked my phone into thinking it was, in fact, in the US. This is likely why all the text messages and voice mails suddenly came through after almost a whole week of silence from the thing. Darrick caught me taking advantage like the horrible technology-addict that I am and snapped a picture.

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