Sunday, September 6, 2009

Vancouver 2009: Chinatown

For the first album of the 2009 road trip to Vancouver, I present to you the Dr. Sun Yat Sen Park and Garden and other areas around Vancouver's Chinatown. Upon arriving in Vancouver (very, very late) Saturday night, we went straight to bed. After breakfast on Sunday morning, we took a cab to Chinatown.

The cabbie dropped us off about 10 blocks past the entrance to the garden... probably to make an extra buck off of some American tourists. This is the last time we took a cab in Vancouver... it took us a half an hour of looking at bad maps to figure out where the hell we were and where we were supposed to be going. The first pictures are from the park outside of the garden, which is a free city park. On the other side of the moat is the actual garden that requires paid entrance. We took some pictures in the park first and then headed into the garden in time for the noon tour.

After Chinatown, we headed toward the adjacent Gastown neighborhood. This is somewhat like San Diego's gaslamp quarter in the sense that there's tons of trendy shopping and other crap there... and it's near the waterfront, but separated by heavy and light rail tracks.

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