Monday, September 7, 2009

Vancouver 2009: Victoria, BC

After getting back from our journey out to Sooke, we headed toward downtown Victoria for some proper touristy sight-seeing. We of course checked out the Empress Hotel, which was quite formal and British. We also walked around a bit downtown, trying to avoid the direction of the very low-setting and incredibly bright sun. You'll notice a lot of the pictures either are overly washed out or have tons of glare -- this is due to the sub-optimal lighting conditions present at the time. For dinner, we went to a real sushi place -- the first one I've ever been to that serves albacore instead of bluefin or yellowfin when you order tuna. Since albacore is my favorite kind of tuna, I was quite thrilled with this. Their salmon was equally amazing -- so fresh, it didn't even taste fishy... which is quite a feat for salmon.

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